Ansell Decorative Arts specializes in authentic Italian/Venetian plasters and unique decorative finishes. These include layered and aged glazes, frescoes, gilding, distressing as well as many other textures which can be customized to each clients’ needs or desires. Our impeccable and beautiful artistic finishes transform homes and businesses into sophisticated inviting spaces. We are based in Nashville, Tennessee and have worked extensively in the New York/ New Jersey area.

With over twenty five years of Venetian plastering and decorative finishing experience, Ansell Decorative Arts pays incredible attention to detail, which is why artisan Kevin Ansell  has worked repeatedly with many top designers, architects, custom builders and homeowners.

Our goal is to create timeless Venetian plaster finishes and a trail of happy clients! Our motto “Take the ordinary, make it extraordinary” mixed with great taste and attention to personal style help us to achieve that goal. Because of our extensive experience, solid work ethic, and mastery of the craft, our clients are left saying “Kevin is a joy to work with.”

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February 1, 2011

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