Decorative Art, Venetian Plaster, Faux Finishing in Nashville

Having only been here for that past year and a half, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the leading designers and builders here in Nashville.  In the past year we’ve worked with Landy Gardner of Green Hills, Mark Simmons of Green Hills, Kristina Eckert & Carrie England of CKE Interior Design –, Amelie de Gaulle –,  Salem Forsythe of Innovative Building Specialties, Inc., Candyce Havenstrite of Bradford’s Interiors – chavenstrite@bradford’ and look forward to working with several others within 2010.

What we’ve noticed with each and every one of these designers is that they  have their own unique aesthetic that they bring to each project.  These designers, here in Nashville have a style all their own. They range from contemporary to classic, conservative to innovative and modern. All of them have a style that’s sophisticated and yet comfortable. It’s been a pleasure working with all of them. 

For example,  when working with Landy Gardner of Landy Gardner Interiors of Green Hills, he had us create Gustovian era-like furniture, which we researched in order to achieve authentic looking furniture from c. 1700’s.  On some of his projects, he has us create finishes that look as if they’ve existed for years. We take glazing to another level, doing “rubbed-through” finishes whereby the edges of trim or panels are exposed with an undercoat.

Working with Amelie de Gaulle was a great experience too! She creates with the idea of “organic design” within her vision of a room, incorporating natural textiles, wood and elements of nature to evoke a purly sensual experience upon entering a room. We created Venetian plasted walls, a frescoed ceiling ,copper leaf walls and textured aged glazes.

When working with Carrie England and Kristina Eckert of CKE Interior Design for the restaurant, Giovanni, they made our job easy. They immediately knew what they wanted as soon as we showed them our extensive portfolio.
As a decorative finisher, faux finisher, plaster artist, decorative painter, call us what you want – we can spend days, many hours doing several samples for a client  or designer, before it’s either perfect or they are finally able to agree on a particular color or finish. Sometimes a designer’s vision may not match with their client’s vision or they have an indecisive client. In those scenerios, we create several boards until we have created a match for both designer and client. 
Our goal is to make absolutely certain that everyone is completely happy with our work. Our work is our signature. So far, we’ve been quite fortunate to work with such outstanding designers on truly wonderfully creative projects here in Nashville. We look forward to an equally if not better year ahead!

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