Opry House Flag

Americana Flag at Opry House in Star’s dressing room

Kevin Ansell was so honored to be comissioned by Anderson Design Studio, to create a 17 foot long American flag for one of the Star’s dressing rooms in the Opry House at Opryland. This flag was rendered very realistically. The colors were sharp and crisp in the first stages. Then, Kevin Ansell buried the flag under paint. After that, they began wiping off the paint to expose what ended up looking like an old flag that had been discovered under the wall. Right before the Opryhouse re-opened, legendary Country star, Marty Stuart was photographed for the cover of USA Today, sitting in front of this flag. The photo I have is blurred, as I got it off the internet, but I’m working on getting the photographer of the newspaper to send me a better copy.

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  1. Phyllis Miller says:

    It is all so beautiful~ such talent!

  2. Victoria says:

    Thank you so much!

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