“I was very pleased with the work provided by Ansell Decorative Arts. They were very attentive and respectful of my professional interior design concept and ideas, incredibly talented, always on schedule, and very nice to work with.  In fact, being part of the team with other craftsmen working on the job and keeping a positive attitude was much appreciated and was what got my interest in the first place.  Ansell decorative Arts combines knowledge of fine Art and decorative arts with expertise and a fabulous savoir faire, rare to find.  I am looking forward to hiring them for many other projects to come.  Simply fabulous!”
~Amelie deGaulle, Interior Designer – Nashville, TN  

“We get so much pleasure every day – from the beautiful art Ansell Decorative Arts created on our walls. Our house is our sanctuary and they helped us create something that is beautiful and timeless. Everyone always admires their work and comments on how unique and different each wall is. Especially the textured “leather wall” in our TV / Bar room and the vaulted “sky mixed with water” piece in my living room. We loved working with them! We feel lucky that we used Kevin to do our walls. And like I always say, if I ever move, I’m taking those walls with me!”
~ Diane Pekmezian, Oceanport, New Jersey